“We do it so people can dance.”

Donzii, hailing from sunny Miami, share their infectious new single, a deliriously dreamy New Wave number called simply…”Fun.” The track comes off their forthcoming debut LP via Grey Market Records.

The message behind the lyrics is that life can be hard, but we must still welcome moments of joy. “I mean that in a way that takes into account the unbearable hardships that many many people face,” vocalist Jenna Balfe clarifies. “It is the intention of the human spirit to overcome and find a way to laugh; Conversely, I also mean it to inspire one to laugh at the sort of pressure or “toxic positivity” that we see all the time on social media.”

Balfe’s poetic lyrics spill from many inner dimensions and intentions: “A lot of my inspiration comes from wanting people to think more deeply about being able to exist in a way that is more joyful,” she says. “Not in Live Laugh Love kinda way, but in a way that encompasses the material grossness of this chaotic life cycle with a little chuckle beneath your breath. Like watching sweet little pink flowers grow atop a pile of decaying bones and compost.”

The DIY video accompanying the track depicts an afternoon in the sweet life of a strawberry cake on a sunny beach. Metaphorically and literally, the idyllic slice of life it offers look delicious.

Watch below:

Named after an Italian speedboat company—corrupted with an extra i—Donzii formed in 2015 by vocalist Jenna Balfe and musician Dennis Fuller. The tumultuous journey leading up to the band’s first full-length release included numerous lineup changes, musical ruptures, a heady love story between Balfe and Fuller, and “principled denials of industry rot,” as they succinctly put it. Balfe’s ethereal vocals bring to mind Altered Images. Still, their overall sound is inspired by Boy Harsher, Wet Leg, John Maus, Liquid Liquid, Geneva Jacuzzi, Bush Tetras, Xeno & Oaklander, and A Certain Ratio.

“Fun” was recorded by Shaun Durkan and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht (Sky Ferreira, Japanese Breakfast).

Earlier this year Donzii made their 2022 SXSW debut and licensed their single Sand for HBO’s The Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Previously, their single Luxury Condo Theme was featured in a Supreme skateboard campaign. During their Miami residency, Donzii supported New Order, Boy Harsher, Mr. Twin Sister, Eartheater, and Surfbort.


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