From Liber Null:

FILTH, the new series of events curated by Liber Null Berlin and Total Black started this year in Berlin in alternative venues such as Urban Spree and Acud Macht Neu.

Rejecting the music industry’s standards within a market that is less and less focused on quality and innovation, FILTH attempts to take a step backwards from the marketing dynamics and trends, going forward towards a precious, unique and incomparable shape that finds its own defined dimension in a truly raw and direct ritual – far away from any aesthetic convenience.

This time the event will take place in the special venue of Agora MOVE, a Berlin-based experimental center for contemporary practices, devoted to reflect on alternative models for cultural, social and economical production. This art-space provides the right environment to showcase the strong and widely developed artistic side of FILTH. Agora Rollberg offers the chance to develop a diverse program in the fields of arts by setting ideal conditions to showcase the aesthetics of the project.

Special guests of this edition, the black demons of electro-satanic post-industrial, Teatro Satanico,  will visit Berlin after four years to perform live, featuring Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico founder), Kalamun and M. Martinuz. Teatro Satanico started producing a bunch of synth-noise tracks back in 1993 and still continue to work on laptop-punk & synth-industrial post-pop tunes… Various fasma of artists appear on Teatro Satanico’s releases, such as Alberto Maria Kundalini, Tairy Ceron (also in Ait!), Sissy Biasin, Clau D.E.D.I. (ex-Ain Soph), Spectrae (Ain Soph). They have been releasing in many underground labels such as Old Europa Cafe, Ars Benevola Mater, Slaughter Productions, Toxic Industries.

With great excitement we proudly announce the worldwide debut performance of Aktion Mutante. The upcoming ebm-punk project was born from the collaboration of Violet Poison, head of Veleno Viola, and Unhuman – founder and main figure behind Liber Null Berlin. Aktion Mutante will perform a full analogue live set on stage.

Also featuring Thought Broadcast, the post-noise, minimal electronics project founded in New York City around 2009. The artist issues four limited edition tapes, as well as vinyl on labels such as Editions Mego and Personnel Records. Dark electronics from Venerence, the project of Sean Ragon, the New York based artist known from his band Cult Of Youth and founder of the record label Blind Prophet Records. Ragon will release for second time on Total Black the 9th of June.

Running through the night alongside the live acts, a very special and exclusive back to back set from the Roman residents of Liber Null – MXM and Sirio Gry J (head of Berlin’s Monolith Records). Entertainment of Total Black and Unhuman of Liber Null will also execute DJ duties during the night.

‘Rot’, a red and rotten action-performance by Nullam Rem Natam will be committed together with the exhibition of artworks of the third edition of Filth.

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In addition to the live event, Total Black and Liber Null unite forces and collaborate for the release of a special and limited cassette compilation of 50 copies with 4 different artworks by Nullam Rem Natam. FILTH – 001 will include exclusive productions of the current line up of Filth: Teatro Satanico, Aktion Mutante, Venerence, Entertainment, MxM, Sirio Gry J.


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