[dropcap]Lebanon[/dropcap] Hanover have premiered the lo-fi club video for their new limited 12″ maxi single Babes Of The 80s—a release where they join forces with label mates She Past Away, and Tobias Bernstrup, who both provide remixes for the the single.

Here is the full press release below:

“It has been a year since Lebanon Hanover showed us a place ‘’Besides the abyss’’, by releasing on Fabrika their brilliant fourth studio album. As the withdrawal symptoms we feel due to our addiction to this band started to threaten our existence, they return to offer us once again their heart and soul in the form of a 12’’ maxi-single. Feelings close to misanthropy, disappointment, lack of communication and trust in social and personal relationships are the ingredients of this record, which combined with the most wonderful melodies and the heavenly voices of Larissa and William, evoke a unique tenderness that overshadows the sadness, a power that takes us by the hand and leads us to the dancefloor. And this is the magic power of Lebanon Hanover, a band with a strong message towards/against society, that makes us want to dance to its melancholy. ‘ ’The Babes of the 80’s” change both their musical and aesthetical style and LH surprise us once again by showing us a new aspect of their artistic creation. An ideal image of the bands elegance in full color, expressed by the wonderful cover picture of Thomas Amras and the descent to the daily routine on the back cover, are two strongly opposite components, which perfectly visualize the music. And the music itself comes with a unique totally synthesized power towards us, full of emotion, without any bass and guitar parts. And the surprise won’t stop. Two exceptional collaborations are to be found on this Maxi. Two great artists are remixing the self-titled track offering us another point of view and even more acoustic pleasure: SHE PAST AWAY, a beloved band of the Fabrika family, join for the first time forces with Lebanon Hanover, in a dark, intimate remix of the ‘’babes’’. But also the cult italo-synth artist TOBIAS BERNSTRUP contributes with a sensual and extremely danceable mix to this release.

Written and performed by William Maybelline and Larissa Iceglass [aka LEBANON HANOVER], mastered by Doruk Öztürkcan [SHE PAST AWAY] this limited Maxi-Single can already be de- scribed as a MUST HAVE collector’s item for every lover of Lebanon Hanover and minimal!”


A1 Babes of the 80’s (Original) [5:41]
A2 I have a Crack [4:22]
B1 Babes of the 80’s (She Past Away mix) [6:01]
B2 Babes of the 80’s (Tobias Bernstrup Mix) [4:58]

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