[dropcap]New[/dropcap] Order have released the video for their first single off of their 9th studio album (10, if you include Substance) Music Complete—a stylish montage whose introduction begins with a message sealed in blood between fashion model club kids, one of which happens to be the boy king who draws the Sword from the Stone.

There are t-shirt slogan references to miracles and then a mysterious and iridescent Lady in Green (of the lake?) appears within the waters of the dancefloor. Also, ofcourse—there is also a fast food round table, where Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot are caught in the original Bizarre Love Triangle.

The video continues with some weird pagan ritual, and burning at the stake, followed a whirl of liquid embracing a hero and heroine. Then the story closes out across a field, riding on horseback—where our protagonists the banner of Music Complete.

Order “Music Complete”: CD, Double LP (limited edition clear vinyl or standard black), MP3, Hi-Def Audio plus 8 x Vinyl Box Set available from the band’s store: po.st/NewOrderStore


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