Ladytron announces the exciting debut of a video for their mesmerizing third single, “Faces” from their forthcoming seventh studio album, Time’s Arrow (out 20 January via Cooking Vinyl). Directed by band member Daniel Hunt, and named after the Cassavetes film, “Faces” evokes a bittersweet longing and euphoric escape. The low-fi atmosphere is reminiscent of Chris Marker’s classic short film (and art school staple) La Jetée. The Italian Giallo genre is also evident here, a psychedelic twist in keeping with the haunting aura of Ladytron’s music.

The accompanying monochromatic film is a hypnotic succession of scenes of empty train cars and abandoned subway tracks, with an all-seeing eye presiding over hazy cityscapes and intensifying colour. Lead singer Helen Marnie and her bandmates appear as ghostly phantoms within this atemporal existence; a moment transcending the mortal world as we travel through the cosmos. It serves as an illustrative metaphor for a post-pandemic call-to-arms to return to the dance floors and to remember your life’s purpose.

Ladytron’s signature crystalline melodies are enveloped in rippling arpeggios, icy disco, and Marnie’s warm vocals, continuing and expanding their signature electro pop style. The surreal, slow-moving video seems to operate in another dimension entirely; a spirit world encouraging us to find each other, and co-create.

Watch the video for “Faces” below:

Forming in Liverpool in the late 90s and taking their name from the Roxy Music track, Ladytron’s debut album 604 was released a year ahead of 2002’s Light&Magic with Witching Hour in 2005. The group were lauded as leaders of the new electro-pop and electroclash scenes flourishing at the time, and Light&Magic went on to be influential, for both independent and mainstream electronic-pop music.

Ladytron announces today that they will be performing at Just Like Heaven Festival in Los Angeles on May 13, the newest in a stretch of West Coast U.S. tour dates they will be playing in support of Time’s Arrow this spring. The band will also take the stage in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Time’s Arrow is set for release via Cooking Vinyl on January 20, 2023.

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Ladytron US Dates

  • May 10th, 2023 – Seattle, The Neptune – Tickets On Sale Here
  • May 11th, 2023 – Portland, Wonder Ballroom – Tickets On Sale Here
  • May 12th, 2023 – San Francisco, August Hall – Tickets On Sale Here
  • May 13th, 2023 – Just Like Heaven Festival – Tickets On Sale Here

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