‘While patching racks from a Serbian drum machine and almost getting molotoved by neighbourhood bikies in a lockdown, we felt the urge to go for a spin on a motorcycle.”

Indeed they did. Australian/British outfit Lady Jane Beach returns for their third H2H outing with the hypnotic, catchy, cosmic-techno-flavoured “Motorcycle.”

A low-slung bass guitar groove, a jacking Roland TR-707, and a trippy TB-303 all wrapped up with a cooked lead vocal, ‘Motorcycle’ arrives as co-production with Here To Hell label boss Kim Moyes (The Presets, K.I.M, Zero Percent); mixed by Phil Moffa (Lost Souls Of Saturn, The Butcha) with Berlin’s Klas “Sasse” Lindblad (Freestyle Man, Blackhead Studios) bringing the final mastering touch.

If NIN had gone a pure electrofunk, post-disco route, joining forces with the likes of The KLF, Hot Chip, Throbbing Gristle, Yello, and Soft Cell, this would be the result. Did they ever go on that motorcycle ride?

“Thanks to Shakespeare and his fellow poets, the dream came alive, and instead of sailing a boat down the Cinque Terre or beaching it on Lady Jane Beach, we somehow got a modern-day stuntman to drive a Harley through the city of London, and underneath the Barbican on an e-lane below the Shakespeare tower. This was a post-medieval classic refuge for the ages beyond Elon Musk’s curiosity, but enough that Lord Nelson could change the colour of the tide with a pack of UNO cards.”

Watch the Gus Macleod-directed accompanying video clip below and feel the wind in your hair:

Friends since childhood, Lady Jane Beach have been making their own brand of eccentric electronic music together for the past 3 years. LJB signed to Here To Hell Records in 2021, releasing “Outback” and “I Sea You/Locksmith Lizard”  the same year.

“Parsley Bay, Clovelly, Lizard Point…. somehow these pagan schmutz aboard an electric 240v hybrid U-boat collided with a British Destroyer – spirited away & cycled together, all washed up on Lady Jane Beach.”

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