Welcome to the crystalline sonic world of D.I.N., a Los Angeles electronic music duo comprised of vocalist Josie Vand and synth wizard Greg Vand (High-Functioning Flesh, New Boy). Their latest single “UP” (via DKA Records) dwells within a hypnotic, relentless beat offset with feathery vocals.

The song weaves in and out of harmony with coy leads and unceasing rhythm, resulting in a delightful interplay between discord and earnestness. This creates a see-saw of emotion between the wistful and the melancholy. The impersonal, cyborgian detachment of Greg Vand’s high-energy electronics is tempered with the very human warmth of Josie Vand’s effervescent voice. D.I.N. toys with the past, without aping it…in “UP”, there is a nostalgic playfulness that more closely recalls the 1960s commercial soundtrack experiments of Raymond Scott more than the art-rock of Kraftwerk. This retro-futurism sets the stage beautifully for the lyrical content of the song.

“UP” is about the experience of living in the present; of living for eternity. May we all find that sweet spot.

Listen below:

UP is the title track from D.I.N.’s forthcoming album out February 3rd via DKA Records.

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Photo by Corinne Schiavone

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