Paris’ La Secte Du Futur perform an exorcism in their video for “Le Chaos Des Esprits”, a track culled from their latest album Wounded Princes.

The song is the crowning achievement of an album that radiates with the warm reverb, pulsing bass, jangly guitars, and fervent vocals that are the trademark of the “touching pop” that came out France’s 1980s cold-wave scene that featured luminaries such as Little Nemo, Asylum Party, and Mary Goes Round.

Indeed, the choral styled vocals carry the song to anthemic heights that could inspire someone to be both a martyr and a bannerman.

The album has its official release party April 13th in Paris where the band is set to be performing for the first time in almost two years with their label mates Dune Messiah.


Wounded Princes is out now via Third Coming Records (with slight delays on the vinyl edition)

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  1. Les Saints De Glace (Digital Only)
  2. Reset All Memories
  3. First Men On The Moon
  4. Le Chaos Des Esprits
  5. Rise And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire
  6. Checkmate From The Sky
  7. Anthem For Fire
  8. Heart Pioneers
  9. Sons Of Proteus
  10. Noire Mélopée
  11. Hundreds Songs Of Love

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