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Like their Situationist forbears Gang of Four, Los Angeles post-punk act Band Aparte are taking on late-stage capitalism in their video for “Culture Industry”, a song described as being: a gritty and dark critique of consumerism and the technologies that create individualism and “authenticity”.

Here a caustic sound, that jarringly drives home the socio-political commentary, is conjured by invoking the languid swagger of Nick Cave, and the bleak earnestness of Joy Division. This cacophony is led by the dark charisma of vocalist Brian Mendoza, who is backed by a talented entourage of musicians, including guitarist Ryan Fairchild, bassist Adryan Mardesich, and drummer Micah Olsen.

The stylish and artistic video for “Culture Industry” is a slow barrage of machinery, dead presidents on paper, and a throne adorned with skulls—the latter of which the band proceeds past in absurd fashion, each taking a moment to have a seat.

Watch the video for “Culture Industry” below:

“Culture Industry” is featured on Band Aparte’s new EP, Spring/Summer, which is out now.

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