On October 5th, 1980 Killing Joke released their self-titled debut LP on E.G. Records. The record was self-produced by the band in August 1980 at Marquee Studios in London and was recorded live with “no overdubs to speak of” according to drummer Paul Ferguson. Ferguson, along with vocalist Jaz Coleman wrote lyrics for the album voicing opinions on issues such as politics, death, hypocrisy, human nature, pollution, and exile.


The album’s iconic cover was based on a photograph by Don McCullin of young rioters trying to escape from clouds of CS gas released by the British Army in Derry, Northern Ireland, on July 8th, 1971 during the ethnonational conflict in Northern Ireland, commonly known as The Troubles.

The album yielded three singles: “Wardance”, “Change” and “Requiem”.

The version of Wardance on the album is a re-recorded version that was originally released via Malicious Damage as 7-inch with the B-Side “Pssyche”.

Watch an early performance of “Wardance” below:


1. “Requiem”
2. “Wardance”
3. “Tomorrow’s World”
4. “Bloodsport”

Side B

5. “The Wait”
6. “Complications”
7. “S,O,36”
8. “Primitive”

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