On July 13th 1983 Killing Joke released their 4th studio album Fire Dances, their first album to feature bass player Paul Raven, who replaced Martin “Youth” Glover (Youth would later return to the band during the mid 90s).

The band’s previous album, 1982’s Revelations, found Killing Joke on the verge of breaking up, with lead singer Jaz Coleman infamously disappearing to Iceland to “survive the apocalypse.”

The album was recorded between February and March 1983 and had only one single, “Let’s All Go (To the Fire Dances)”, which heralded the more pop sounding singles to follow on their next album such as Night Time‘s anthem for the decadesuch as the band’s hit song  “Eighties”.

Fire Dances also features as its opening track one of the band’s most important songs “The Gathering”.

Watch this Fire Dances era full set below!

Plus watch Killing Joke’s appearance on The Tube on December 16, 1983:

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