[dropcap]Sacred[/dropcap] Bones, one of the best indie labels to come out of NYC in the past decade—can definitely claim some oldschool gothic roots in founder Caleb Braaten’s taste in music. Such is evident in his label’s second compilation in the Killed by Deathrock series.

In volume two we are treated to two Danish bands, the first being Gatecrashers, and the second being the ubergoth in style, but more punk in sound ADS with Waiting for the War, from their scarce 1982 split 7″ with City-X. Watch ADS an intense live version of Waiting for the War above.

Another noteworthy track is Veda’s biting Whiplash, featuring Sex Gang Children member Cam Campbell. This 1987 single it comes from was Veda’s one and only release, and quite a gem.

Flowers for Agatha from leeds provides The Freedom Curse—which has always been anthemic Post-Punk essential, along with neighboring Skeletal Family from Keighley, whose Promised Land is the very definition of Gothic Rock, as evident in their video for the track below:

The inclusion of Belgium’s Red Zebra I Can’t Live In A Living Room, has always always been a Deathrock Djing essential from Release the Bats to Gothic Pogo Party, and the track by fellow Belgians Vita Nocti—Hade  from their 1984 self-released tape In The Face Of …Deaths

Along with the inclusion of Californian dark psychedelic band Red Temple Spirits. ultra rare Denver based Crank Call Love Affair, and hardcore Middle Class, this compilation would make an excellent gift to introduce a friend to some music that puts the punk back in goth.

Out November 11th!

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1. Gatecrashers “Spectator”
2. Middle Class “A Skeleton at the Feast”
3. ADS “Waiting for the War”
4. Veda “Whiplash”
5. Skeletal Family “Promised Land”
6. Flowers for Agatha “The Freedom Curse”
7.  “Dark Spirits”
8. Crank Call Love Affair “What’s Wrong Yvette”
9. Red Zebra “I Can’t Live in a Living Room”
10. Vita Noctis “Hade”


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