On July 11th 1988 Joy Division released their singles compilation SUBSTANCESubstance compiles the Manchester area band’s four released singles that were not included as album tracks on Unknown Pleasures and Closer, such as “Transmission”, “Komakino”, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, and “Atmosphere” as well as their the respective B-sides.

Substance also collects songs originally released on EPs, such as the band’s debut release An Ideal for Living, and the two samplers issued by Factory Records, A Factory Sample and Earcom 2: Contradiction. The single “Atmosphere” had been originally issued in France as Licht und Blindheit with “Dead Souls” as the B-side.

Watch the video for “Love Will Tear Us Apart”:

Watch the video for “Transmission”:

Substance is perhaps the best entry point for anyone beginning to listen to Joy Division, as it contains all the legendary post-punk band’s most famous tracks entirely on one compilation album.

Track Listing from Substance 2015 Edition

  1. Warsaw 2:27
  2. Leaders Of Men 2:35
  3. Digital 2:51
  4. Autosuggestion 6:09
  5. Transmission 3:37
  6. She’s Lost Control 4:55
  7. Incubation 2:52
  8. Dead Souls 4:56
  9. Atmosphere 4:10
  10.  Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:27
  11. No Love Lost 3:43
  12. Failures 3:45
  13. Glass 3:55
  14. From Safety To Where 2:30
  15. Novelty 3:59
  16. Komakino 3:53
  17. As You Said 2:00
  18. These Days 3:26
  19. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version) 3:15


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