Joy Division’s Preston 28 February 1980 gig was recorded live at The Warehouse in Preston, England. The set was wrought with technical failures: amps crapped out, instruments went in and out of key, at one point Ian Curtis exclaimed, “I think everything is falling apart!”  Considered by the band to be “the worst fucking gig we ever did”.  YetSomehow, despite all of this, the band carried out an extraordinary performance. The roughness of the bass and the receding amps only added to the kinetic dirge, creating a performance that is brimming with haunted vehemence. Drastic Plastic Records has worked closely with Joy Division’s management in order to present this seminal live recording in this mastered vinyl pressing, the only vinyl release currently available of this title to be officially sanctioned, as it is often bootlegged.  This is not a cash in, as the original liner notes ardently claim.  Indeed, it is a documentation of Joy Division at their most raw.

(limited to 1,500 200-gram black vinyl and 1,500 150-gram opaque lavender vinyl) Released: 9/23/14


A1 Incubation
A2 Wilderness
A3 Twenty Four Hours
A4 The Eternal
A5 Heart and Soul
B1 Shadowplay
B2 Transmission
B3 Disorder
B4 Warsaw
B5 Colony
B6 Interzone
B7 She’s Lost Control

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