Today marks the 35th Anniversary of one of Joy Division’s January 1980 European tour gigs.  This was the second of 2 famous gigs at Brussels’ Legendary Plan K—with photography provided by non other than Philippe Carly of (follow New Wave Photos on Facebook here)

Joy Division | Plan K | January 17th, 1980


This very solid set list closes out with one of three known recordings of Joy Division covering The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray”, as well as being the debut of “The Eternal”.

Apologies for the poor quality in the recording above…but can you imagine being there in the audience and hearing Transmission, Atmosphere, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Digital played one after the other?  Hmmm, must add this date to my time travel wishlist…

1. Dead Souls 0:00
2. Wilderness 5:01
3. Insight 7:50
4. Colony 12:26
5. Twenty-Four Hours 16:37
6. A Means to an End 21:03
7. Transmission 24:59
8. Atmosphere 28:50
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart 34:01
10. Digital 37:20
11. Warsaw 40:15
12. Shadowplay 42:51
13. Atrocity Exhibition 46:33
14. Sister Ray 54:22
15. The Eternal 1:04:42

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