Goths and post-punk fans have been wearing Dr. Martens boots since the World War II era brand was popularized by punks and skins during the late 70s, getting so popular with the underground subculture in the UK that several imitation brands quickly emerged, but only the original had the “Dr. Martens” boots song sung about them by Alexei Sayle sang during in a 1982 episode titled “Oil” from the British TV comedy The Young Ones, and post-punk and new-wave live music show The Tube.

Now, Joy Division and New Order fans can show their love for both bands and Dr. Marten boots by purchasing special edition 1460 eight-eye boots, that feature the cover artwork of both Manchester band’s iconic Peter Saville designed cover artwork featured on several albums.

The Joy Division edition is naturally inspired by the pulsar waves featured on the band’s debut album Unknown Pleasures, sensibly displayed black on black with embossed leather.

“Unknown Pleasures” Dr. Martens boots

There are two New Order inspired designs, with the first being a recreation of the cover art of 1989’s Ibiza inspired album Technique, which features cherub statue against a “bright ombre” purple and magenta background, which is as loud as the electronic music coming out during the birth of rave culture.

“Technique” inspired Docs

The best design of the three has to be the second one inspired by New Order featuring the artwork from 1983’s Power, Corruption and Lies which is printed on “crackle-coated suede to emulate a painted canvas”.

“Power, Corruption and Lies” Docs

Find more information, including ordering the boots at Dr. Martens official website.

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