Void Vision has always been one of the greatest modern electronic treasures. The project, helmed by Philadelphia-based producer Shari Vari, has been at the forefront of the modern minimal synth moment, playing live in front of adoring crowds and crafting some of the most immediate, haunting, and delectable music the genre has to offer. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the video for “Body Says,” the latest single and first taste of Void Vision‘s upcoming LP The Other, due out later this year via Mannequin Records.

The video was shot in Philadelphia and directed by Hanna Hamilton + Floor Eleven, who just recently finished filming a campy musical entitled “Secret Lover.” The video’s narrative evokes a deep sense of distress, chock full of voyeuristic flair and a touch of surrealist body horror. Vari and violinist Adrina Marie perform amongst contortionists and fire-eaters, on display as a quartet of vampiric entities watches and slowly begin to partake in the chaos. In Shari’s own words, the video is “a claustrophobic ode to physical and mental confines. Dark voguing, undulating bodies, DIY surgery and the increasing stimulation compels the demonic watchers to become ravenous and bloodthirsty.”

The track itself is Void Vision at the top of their game. Five years have passed since 2014’s excellent Sub Rosa, and her absence has made our hearts grow fonder and her skills grow stronger. “Body Says” is a deep slice of dark pop perfection, with powerful bass arpeggiation, hard-hitting dance rhythms, and synth and vocal hooks galore. As always, Vari’s knack for carefully constructed song-craft put the track head-and-shoulders above many of her peers. If “Body Says” is just a taste of what’s to come, it’s clear that The Other will be one of the year’s strongest and most satisfying records and well worth the five-year wait.

Void Vision will also be embarking upon a European tour this week, playing with similar top-tier synth luminaries Xeno & Oaklander and Automelodi, as well as appearing at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen festival. Upon returning, Void Vision will also be performing two shows in the NY/NJ area, including a headlining show in June as part of SYNTHICIDE. Check below for the full European tour poster as well as the details for her two US appearances this Spring:

European tour dates

US appearances

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