Guitar virtuoso Johnny Marr has unveiled his swirling Post-Punk infused single “The Bright Parade”, and honestly it is one of the best things he has done since leaving The Smiths.

Following the synth-laden pub song Armatopia, “The Bright Parade” is the Mancunian fretboard maestro’s second single released this year—in the wake of last year’s acclaimed Call The Comet album and its subsequent tour.

“The Bright Parade” is the perfect mixture of almost Gothic Rock like basslines and guitars, amongst Mary Chain-Esque like vocals which swell brightly as the verse progresses, betraying any concrete thoughts of considering this a shoegaze track.

Ultimately, “The Bright Parade” is everything great about the sonic palette Marr has culled and crafted from the sounds of the 60s and 80s.

Listen to “The Bright Parade” below:

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