[dropcap]Fender[/dropcap] sound—like liquid metal and synths drenched in jasmine oil—flow and bubble up through the perky beat of this new dreampop single from NYC-based Jennie Vee. The phonetic “V” comes from her previous duo Vicious Guns of Toronto, and now after her first self-released EP Die Alone, Vee’s first full-length album as a solo artist is coming soon. Keep an eye out for Spying this fall.

Still from "Spying" music video. July 2015.

This track, mixed by Snow Patrol’s Paul Wilson, brings the drums forward and starts to sound more crisp than past compositions. The video, directed by her dear friend and photographer Katrin Albert, shimmers and glistens with pastel glaze overtones as Jennie calls out an ignorant individual who knows not about how the world operates and does not care. In what sense she may truly mean, we will have to wait to discover. Frustrated, she entertains solutions that seem mystical and very personal in nature, utilizing the presence of a friend, photographs, candles, knives. Her aesthetic is becoming more disheveled and traveling a little farther back in time, giving Jennie a precious goth/princess allure, as someone who is in love with dark music and fashion, though she searches for inner cleansing and purity. With shadow heavy on her eyes and tattered blonde hair, she sits cross-legged on a turn-of-the-century armchair donning a plastic crown, an ode to her up-and-coming fame and scope as her music career expands. She has been featured among the likes of Courtney Love, Lana Del Rey and Manic Street Preachers in the past year alone. Give her some love and learn more about her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and jennievee.com.


Jennie Vee performing in LA earlier this year.
Jennie Vee performing in Silverlake, CA on 28 Nov 2014. Original photo credit to William Kilby.

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