I’m walking down these empty streets at night
Won’t rest won’t stop I want to find the lights

Whatever happens, when boy doesn’t meet girl…because he blew his chance? Italian post-punk veterans LDV (La Dolce Vita) have the answer with their heartbreaking and ultimately humorous video for their new single “Mystery Boy”.

Telling a tale as old as time, For the beautifully shot clip for “Mystery Boy,” the Mold Records crew decided to portray that typical lovelorn situation that many have experienced in life.

After an eternally long week, the protagonist in the video goes out to a club, with the veneer of confidence that he looks good. He has been waiting for what like seems like eons to see HER again, the girl he saw last Saturday.

Her eyes meet his, and he is almost ready to make his move. He then goes to the bathroom to comb his hair, just to be sure. His hesitation and lack of true self-confidence costs him dearly, and by the time he returns he sees her on the dancefloor kissing another guy.

Such is the life of a “Mystery Boy”. Time can be cruel, and opportunities can pass us by in an instant.

The video for LDV’s glorious soundtrack to heartache and ejection was shot by the Mold Records crew under the direction of Sergio Cinghiale at the Round Midnight live music club in Trieste, with the participation of Marco Palazzoni and Valentina Ceballos and the band themselves.

Watch the video for “Mystery Boy” below, and wait for the very end. Trust us.

LDV (La Dolce Vita) is an Italian band that was formed in the 80s around the music scene in Udine. The band has kept its spirit going since its origins and actively participates in the post-punk and darkwave music scene.

LDV is now working with Mold Records to release both the old and new music of the band, capturing that same old-school spirit but with a modern sensibility.
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