Italian post-punk group Japan Suicide explores the mythos of  Japan’s controversial artist, writer, and actor, and playwright, Yukio Mishima, in their new video succinctly titled “Mishima”—a track taken from their brand new album Ki.

Regarding the video’s production, the band explains:

Tumulto Video are two young friends of ours, they live in our city, Terni, where they also have shot the scenes. The performer is a Parkour teacher. When speaking with the directors we have thought about a young man that today is fascinated and sees himself in the myth of Mishima.”

The song itself was inspired by Mishima’s second novel, first published in 1949, Confessions of a Mask.

Japan Suicide elaborate further:

“The book was useful to try to understand something of Mishima because it is considered a sort of biography, but even also a novel. So this kind of ambiguity is also interesting for us, also for his life and the aspects more difficult to understand or accept. We have tried to overturn the vision of Mishima and his suicide with a song that we feel vitalistic, almost happy. The lyric “Life and melting” for this reason. His life was an encounter and a confrontation with life itself, while the first thing that someone could think about him is the manner in how he died.”

Watch the video below:

“Ki” produced and recorded by Matt Peel at The Nave Studios in Leeds, UK.

The album will be available via Japan Suicide’s official Bandcamp page soon.

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