Italian post-punk band Japan Suicide have revealed their video for “Blown Away”—the third single taken from their latest record Santa Sangre.

Following the lush and melodic tracks “Circle” and “For Every Flaw”, the aural tones of “Blown Away” are a shivered breath warming the winter air, with droning bass and guitars caught in a whirl of classic and revival post-punk sounds.

“This trip seems to be my greatest triumph. Neither gestures or words, I will write no more” Cesare Pavese – The Burning Brand

The video for the track is an edit of the short film Fallen Star by director Athenian director Angel Ballas, who had created several shorts and animations that have traveled to various Greek and International film festivals.

Ballas describes the video as thus:

“Your mind may have killed me but I felt your heart loved me.” The mind can play strange tricks on us sometimes. It can distort reality to such an extent where it can’t be distinguished from fantasy and time no longer has any significance. However, would it cause one to reach the point of killing one’s other half in order to spare the other from pain?

Japan Suicide’s Santa Sangre is out now on Unknown Pleasures Records, Wave Records and AAMI Records. Santa Sangre was presented live during the band’s first USA and the 2018 edition of Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany.

The band are also working on a new album, slated for spring.

In the meantime, you can pick up a copy of Santa Sangre here

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