Italian post-punk act Talk to Her unveils their video for the anthemic “IBISCO”, a track featured on their forthcoming new album Love Will Come Again, due out in February through Parisian imprint Icy Cold Records and Italian label Shyrec.

“IBISCO” is a frenetic quickening of the blood with its pulsing beats and guitars, urging on the sensation to fight back and resist—a feeling where combat becomes a dance, and dance becomes combat, brilliantly displayed in a video shot in black, white, and red, with a beautifully fierce protagonist using her pugilist skills as a political metaphor.

The band describes the track thus:

IBISCO describes the inner conflict between the individual and the suffering, the pain generated by his living in an environment that is devoid of love, which alienates him and also proves to be hostile towards him. Love therefore reveals itself as all-embracing, salvation and torment: the individual can only undertake a long conflict in defense of this awareness, at the end of which everyone finds his own destiny.

Watch the video for IBISCO below:

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Love Will Come Again is out  February 14, 2020.

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