Italian EBM project Francesco Perissi XO announces a new remix release to celebrate the Italian project’s tenth year, entitled “10,” due out in February of 2023.

Remixes were created by musicians who played roles in the Florence musician’s evolution as an artist, and those gravitating around the Blame Records label.  It boasts contributions from Justin K Broadrick, Eraldo Bernocchi, Naresh Ran, In A Slaughter Brain, OCD, Nigh/T\mare, Vittorio Di Mango, SFRMHL, and Kassidy Human Waste.

Spanning multiple genres, the album will be available via Italian imprint Blame Records/Guelfo.  Francesco Perissi XO intertwines EBM and club music with ambient rock.

The cover of “10” is a clever collage created by fans of the project who collected photographic evidence of commercial products, messages, children’s games, alcoholic products, and original compositions from all over the world that contained the XO logo.

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