Italian Darkwave trio Geometric Vision have unveiled their video for their beautiful “Slowemotion”, a maxi-single issued by independent label Swiss Dark Nights.

The song, one of the band’s best yet, is led in by eerie and seductive synths, frosted over in icy beauty while echoing a pulsing and precipitous resonance. This leads into a catchy and driving melodic bassline that eventually gives way to vocals that both ardent and yet dejected.

Showing their songcraft at work, the track’s almost subtle rhythmic shifts are both introspective and extroverted, and beg the body to move across the shimmering lights spiraling across a crowded dancefloor.

Of both the song and video’s purpose, Geometric Vision explains:

“Slowemotion is about a person who divides himself in two, a dreamer and the rational-melancholic.  The song talks about the battle between the two personalities. In the end, the melancholy wins.

The video tries to explain just that, there are ghosts, spectres, apparitions, and bleak settings, but also scenes in the countryside, with the contrast, as a sense of liberation…”

The video was directed by Elio Nubes De Filippo with D.O.P. Jessica Squillante.

Watch below:

“Slowemotion” is out now via Swiss Dark Nights, and features artwork by Elettra Cuivre.

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