“Bright tracers in the dark; white phosphorous bombs, mutilated statues, ruined cities. A silent and faceless army which crosses the muddy trenches of Europe. A murderous angel ripped from the sky falls to avenge the new modern horror of loneliness and mute urban battles.”

Mysterious, mystical Italian outfit European Ghost is an “out-of-control,” multi-faceted project, melding together electronics, the spirit of Krautrock, drones, darkwave, and post-punk. 

They have just unveiled their video for “White Foals,” taken from the new album No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter.  The album’s title comes from the Italian poet Emanuel Carnevali, who sang of an American’s hallucinogenic dream.

“Some of the psychoanalytical suggestions about dream state came from a Mircea Cartarescu romance: Solenoide,” says the band. “European Ghost left the Earth, with its tragedies, and chose a hypno-wave by exploring new intangible landscapes.”

The visuals, wavering between band performance and flights of imagination, are dramatic, nightmarish, and jarring – much like the ominous nature of the song. We explore dreamy, rarefied atmospheres that harken back to arcane fairytales and ancient gardens. These visions are augmented with mysterious rituals…and claustrophobic sequences. Between dream and nightmare, this video explores on tiptoes the dreamlike corridors of childhood. The mystery, however, cannot be revealed.

Watch the video for “White Foals” below:

European Ghost, consisting of Cristiano Biondo (vox), Giuseppe Taibi (bass, drum machine, and synth), and Mario d’Anelli (guitar and synth), formed in Bologna in the summer of 2015, soon signing to French label Unknown Pleasures Records. They went on to release 2016’s Pale and Sick, followed by 2018’s Collection of Shadows. In December 2018, Collection of Shadows came out on vinyl for the French label Icy Cold Records.

In 2019, after touring Europe, they dedicated themselves to remixes and collaborations with a plethora of acts: Antipole, Calvert Robert, Death in June, Delphine Coma, Giant Waves, The Legendary Pink Dots, Norma Loy, Sisters of Mercy, and The Chameleons.

Listen to “White Foals” below and order the album No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter here.

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Photos: Matteo Bosi

Artwork by Mario d’Anelli 

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