Following their debut album, Refractory, Italian post-punk act Instant Lake has returned with a brand new album, Dystodream, and have now unveiled the second official music video from the record with the track “Delicate Obscenity”.

For this second album, the Southern Italian Act sees themselves in a new configuration: Gennaro De Lena (vocals and lyrics) Pierluigi Grauso (guitar and theremin), Carlo Landolfi (bass) and Dario Amoroso ( synth and programming).

The new configuration in the lineup also sees the band making a foray into more synthetic and martial sounds, as seen in their previous video from the album with “Death to Slavery”.

Yet, with a stylistic bridge, there is “Delicate Obscenity”, a song that evokes ominous and brooding dark post-punk, treading into the realms of caustic gothic rock.

Watch the video below:

Dystodream, is out now on Vinyl, CD, and Digital once again by the Brazilian label Wave-Records.

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