Status Oblique is a studio project by Australian musician Roshan. A passion for post-punk, shoegaze, industrial, and electronica blends together in his sound to create deeply dark and atmospheric sounds. The sound of Status Oblique falls within the margins between genres, with inspiration drawn from artists such as New Order and Curve.

Now Status Oblique takes to the dance floor, collaborating with vocalist Luna Chiomara for the project’s emotional third single, “Falling Down”.

Desolate post-punk synth drums and soundscapes kick off the track, elevating itself with a mournful hook. Chiomara’s elegant, powerful vocals bring an immediate edge of desperation to the song, with the suggestion of impending catastrophe. Status Oblique composer Roshan says the track was an example of allowing his influences and the vocalist to drive the song’s direction.

“I really wanted the synth-pop to cut through a bit more on this, and when I heard Luna Chiomara’s voice, we pushed back the guitars in the mix to let the vocal breathe more and take the song in a different direction.”

Luna Chiomara produces intense, ambient Gothic post-rock, shoegaze, and experimental folk. Her vocal style was a perfect match for the Status Oblique sound.

“Roshan sent me a few songs to listen to, and this track immediately struck me as the one I wanted to work with. The melody and lyrics came together so quickly, almost like it was meant to be!” she said.

Listen below to the mesmerizing foray into industrial-flavoured hypnosis.

Status Oblique is Roshan’s first serious solo musical project in his thirty years as a musician, alongside his performances as bassist for Sonica. Status Oblique is signed to Transmission Nova, a sub-label of We Are The New Underground (WEATNU). Falling Down was mixed by label boss Almark and is available on the album The Shining Path.

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