Mysterious industrial synth outfit Pain Behavior is on a mission with a jarring new video for the Kid Moxie remix of their song “WICKED HOLE/TEAR ME DOWN.” Pain Behavior writes songs with emotional depth, meaning, and a grim hold of reality. With a primal howl of a number, the accompanying video depicts the “Passion of Pain Behavior.”

In the video, directed by Olivia Lee Alicea, we witness Pain Behavior, yearning for death to save them from a tortured life. Warning: it does not hold back in its bleak imagery. Survival has lost its edge as they constantly await being torn down. Their struggle is visually captured in the video via attempts to escape (themselves)…ultimately beating and breaking (themselves).

“This song calls for a collapse,” says the artist, who themselves is queer, operating in a space in society demanding such seismic shifts. “It calls for a new beginning, and it calls for fulfillment…their desire to fulfill a purpose, to end their suffering and to get beyond a current circumstance – entrapment”.

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