As most artists emerging from lockdown have jaunted down the tunnel of introspection, reassessing their priorities and looking back on their lives, Danny Blu chooses joy. “Predator”, off his forthcoming new album, is a celebratory song about (fingers crossed) a return back to the stage.

“Predator” is neither bubble-gum pop nor industrial purism, but rather an electrifying hybrid of the two, as he channels his intensity through infectious hooks and a rainbow prism. Blu is the perfect embodiment of the wild diversity of the NYC queer scene, throwing disparate dance hall elements into a cocktail shaker and topping it all off with spicy sugar. The result is a bizarre, highly catchy kaleidoscope of dark pop, New Wave, and industrial – as if Erasure, Scissor Sisters and Nitzer Ebb decided to join forces. The cautious optimism of “Predator” is a refreshing take, setting it apart from the scores of gloom tunes about these apocalyptic times. May the spirits smile upon us.

Danny Blu’s previous EP, The Pale Horse, was about the horsemen of the apocalypse ushering in the end of the world as we know it. Every artist on the collaboration was dramatically affected by the pandemic, unable to play live.

Hailing from New York City, Danny Blu is an LGBTQ+ singer, songwriter, and visual performer, inspired by the likes of Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, and Madonna. Performing as Danny Blu since 2010, he built his early following with shocking rock performances in NYC queer parties, clubs, and venues. Initially performing and touring alongside a live band, he formed the alt-rock band Echo Black in 2015.

In summer 2019, Danny Blu stormed the scene with a new “intense dark pop” sound in “Bubble”. Blu followed up with the doom-pop ballad, “Burn” on NEW NOW NEXT/LOGO TV. By Summer 2020 he released The Pale Horse EP with critical praise for his introspective lyrics and genre-defying production. Amongst lockdowns and quarantine restrictions in the year, Blu performed these new tracks for global livestream events that combined his artistry with activism.

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