Industrial EBM chimera The Marquis expels the venom from his wounds with the video for “Poison”, a growling, screeching, and throbbing pulse of track to be featured on the project’s second full-length album set for release later this year via Berlin label aufnahme + wiedergabe.

The Marquis, the solo vehicle of synth maestro Tetsuo Paradis formerly of Automelodi had this to say about the song and video:

“I wrote Poison during a long period of personal turmoil and at a specific moment of grave, definite change in my life. Metaphorically speaking there was a certain poison which I was in the processing of expelling from my body, it was a moment in time when I decided to finally put an end to a situation which had caused me pain for far too long.
The video is, I believe, a parallel to what I conveyed in the music, however, represented through the performance and interpretation of one of my favourite visual artists and long time collaborator, Camille Coït.
As the video and song are both representations of a very personal journey of struggle and change, I would prefer to leave it to the individual viewer to grasp rather than explain any more in detail, I feel it is best viewed and understood on a personal level.”

Watch “Poison” below:

The video also could not have been done without the amazing eye of False Idols Studio, who co-directed and co-produced with Paradis himself.

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