The track “In Memoriam”, by Berlin-based artist Templǝr, is the second to come off the Human Hate EP that was released earlier this year on the X-IMG label. Under his alias, the Toulouse born Thomas Chalandon creates thunderous, forceful rhythms not unlike noise legends Esplendor Geometrico and Sonar. It is not the stuff of casual listening—it is music for the dregs of the night.

“In Memoriam” is grinding industrial techno in its repetition and tempo, hefty and sluggish in its attack but undoubtedly danceable (as the video aptly suggests). There are few new acts that can contend with Templǝr’s crushing impact of noise manipulation and his recent DJ appearance at Tresor’s ‘New Faces’ party proves just the same.

Listen to Human Hate in its entirety below.

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