Have you ever reviewed events in your life and wondered if there was a way to get back to a time before? A nostalgic warmth, or a retroactively deleted regret – either situation applies in the heartbreaking, atmospheric “Rewind”, the third single from Virgin Orchestra’s upcoming album, fragments.

The Icelandic post-punk band, who first met as students at the Icelandic University of the Arts, utilizes a rich orchestral dreampop sound, using distorted vocals, bass, electric guitar, cello, drum machine, and coding.  The music is understated yet powerful; a stoic face over chaotic emotion.

“We draw on a range of disparate influences, from The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and The Velvet Underground to Dmitri Shostakovich and Delia Derbyshire,” they proudly say. “Our diverse musical backgrounds lends us a unique sound, which is mirrored in our ensemble–the combination of the live instruments; along with programming and other experimental soundscapes. There is a Lynchian cinematic quality to this intensely charged, yet subdued song – shades of Sigur Rós, with a more eerie, haunting bend.

Listen below:

So far Virgin Orchestra has enjoyed success in Iceland, being featured in podcasts, playlists and on the Icelandic radio show Ólátagarður, which focuses on the Icelandic independent music scene. fragments will be released by Smekkleysa, Iceland’s largest independent record label.

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