In the three years since Germany’s Hysterese released their last record, the band has seen many changes, including a personnel shakeup and growing families. Founded in 2009 in Tübingen, Hysterese enters a new era this year, evolving and welcoming new influences.

The latest single from their upcoming fourth self-titled album, Burning, is a 90s grunge-soaked punk howl of passion, with fascinating vocalizations from the singers.

“Already during the recording session we noticed that Burning is a particularly strong song,” says the band. “It may not be particularly fast or loud, but it has an atmospheric power that portrays the theme of ‘futile help/burning’ very coherently. The fire theme is carried simply but very powerfully by the opulent lighting of the video. We wanted to make a simple, classic, atmospheric performance video and I think we succeeded.”

For this album, Moritz and Helen split the composing, developing a more of mature approach. Hysterese’s trademark, the twin lead vocals of Helen and Moritz, loses its weight as Helen takes more and more the role of the lead singer with more open, atmospheric guitar work. Kai’s precise, machine-like drumming and Jana’s flawless basswork boldly explore percussion possibilities. If you dig the darkness of The Wipers, the explosiveness of old Descendents records and the hits and melodies of your fav Blondie or Billy Idol songs, I’m sure you will dig this trove of punk rock.

Watch the performance video, directed by Peter Voppmann, below:

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