[dropcap]There[/dropcap] is a heavenly nostalgia in the neon-pop of Salt Lake City’s Human Leather—nostalgia that binds together an electric pink and blue Trapper Keeper’s worth influences that is refreshingly not a pastiche of bands ranging from OMD to Cyndi Lauper—but rather capturing the spirit of an era over 30 years past. The band is releasing their LP Lazy Karaoke soon, and ahead of it’s release we are premiering the track Astral Pain—a song whose haunting and melancholic lo-fi synth melodies delicately crash like soft waves on a tropical beach.

Pre-order Lazy Karaoke here

Track Listing:

1. Not My Business Anymore

2. Rotted Youth

3. Ugly Sister

4. Sense of Decay

5. Nail in Coffin

6. Routine and Compromise

7. This Family

8. Astral Pain

9. Cherry Death

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