On the day that their extensive North American tour with VNV Nation begins, German post-punk band Holygram have revealed their video for “Modern Cults”, the title track from their recently released debut album.

The beautifully video follows those for records lead singles, “Signals”, and “A Faction”, and the previously released single “Still There”.

Watch the clip below (The video goes live at 12 noon EST):

On the song’s themes, singer Patrick Blümel explains:

“Modern Cults“ tries to capture this very moment when you enter a completely unknown city and you are totally overwhelmed by all the impressions, the buildings, the noise, the people, but also the isolation and the cold. What do we do when we feel lonely, lost? Everything can become some kind of cult we join just to not be alone anymore. At a techno party in a dark club the people dance like religious practitioners and the DJ spins his preaches like a priest. There is secret signs and symbols everywhere and only the initiated can read them. ‘Modern Cults’ tells about this chase through the night.”

Wednesday night, Holygram just performed their first concert stateside at Los Angeles’ legendary Viper Room. Tonight the band are in Austin, Texas.

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