Holger Czukay, the bassist and co-founder of highly influential Krautrock band Can has passed away. He was at the 79 years old. According to German Newspapers, he was  found dead in the original Can studio in Weilerswist near Cologne.

The band announced their shock at his passing via Facebook:

“We are very sad to confirm that Holger passed away yesterday, in his home, the old CAN Studio in Weilerswist,”

“His wife U-She passed away only weeks before. Holger was devastated by the loss of his beloved partner, but was looking forward to making more music and was in good spirits. His passing has come as a shock. We will post more information about funeral arrangements shortly.”

In addition to Can,  Holger Czukay collaborated with various artists over the course of his career, including U.N.K.L.E, Brian Eno, Eurythmics, and Jah Wobble.

Our personal favorite here at Post-Punk.com is his instrumental work with Japan’s David Sylvian.

Holger Czukay’s influence on Post-Punk can#t be overstated. He will be missed.

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