Rain pours down

Dirties my soul

This man leaves me broken but needin’ more

Bella Kelly tugs at the heartstrings with her haunting, cinematic and immersive songs.She paints sonic pictures of smoky greys and ghostly whites, cloaked in protective darkness. Long on the fringes through early loss of innocence, Kelly’s gravitas blossoms from the ashes of emotional strife and physical adversity. Each composition she pens is a distinctive clarion call to self-acceptance and empowerment. Channeling vocal-driven indie-pop, Gothic folk, chillwave, and balladeering, Bella Kelly’s music offers safe passage from reality’s horrors, through immersion in narrative soundscapes. 

Kelly’s dark fire and volcanic sentiment caught the attention of producer David Gnozzi, forging a creative partnership that sharpened her sound and musical identity and fully realizing narrative visions for music videos and related imagery.

The mesmerizing slow burn “Heartbreak Motel,” directed by Vicente Cordero, depicts a raven-winged spectre of Death, narrating the goings-on at a seedy motel, a source of betrayal and tragedy. It is an LA noir horror story with a Goth twist.

The invigorating gothic-trap anthem “Throat” is a confrontation with the devil himself, in the form of a toxic relationship. The video is a suspenseful narrative of this encounter. She appears in the video with Gnozzi, whose intense stare brings chills. 

Born in Brunswick, Georgia, a heart condition nearly took Kelly from this world just as soon as she’d arrived, her tiny body robbed of its heartbeat several times just a few days after her birth. She managed to rally through this crisis and would go on to pen short stories and songs to soothe her isolation and sadness. A talent agent cast her in a television commercial when she was nine, which began a four-year journey into short films, series, and feature-length movies. Music, however, is her passion, citing the healing magic it works in her own life to the way it affects others. An enchanting artist, and a tower of strength.

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