Singer and guitarist of Hamburg, Germany’s Post-Punk act Grundeis delivers on their first solo album as Undinyx. Laura Mueller has a very nostalgic quality to her vocals. A bit Cocteau Twins mixed in with iamamiwhoami-era Ionnalee. The combination of her ethereally haunting deliveries and the rain-soaked electronic arrangements creates an atmosphere of intense longing and melancholy.

The opening track “Animal” sets the wistful tone of the album. Produced predominantly with electronic elements and programmed drums, the listener is instantly transported back to the 90s. The sensual nature of the vocal delivery and the mounting tension of the layered instrumentation leaves the listener entranced and craving more. “Tireless” and “Seas of the Forlorn” are two pieces that stand out and share the same sorrowful ambience. The way the vocals sit back in the mix and swirl around like spirits evokes a visual element to the auditory experience. “Summoner” picks up the energy a bit with a higher tempo and the implementation of guitar while still staying true to the cohesive nature of all the songs. Finally, “Levitate” almost seems to experiment with a slightly more lighthearted swing. What stands out most is the use of offset, delayed vocal layers.

A veritable tour de force of a debut, Undinyx is an act to watch. This project is classic enough to appeal to the fans of a bygone era of darkwave yet fresh enough to bring in a whole new audience. Laura Mueller is proving that she is more than capable of creating a sonic world of her own.

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Undinyx’s self-titled debut album is out now via digital and limited edition cassette.

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