Gouged Out My Eyes — Darkwave Project Shxdw Debuts New Single “Insides”

I’ve got no business staring…

São Paulo and Berlin’s very own Shxdw stands as a luminous enigma. With evocative performances gracing venues from the sultry streets of Brazil to the dynamic hubs of the United States, they notably left their mark at Art Basel Miami in 2022. There’s a relentless curiosity within her, a thirst to traverse the shadowed corridors of the human psyche, seeking out those corners deemed “dark” and, with an alchemist’s touch, transforming them into shimmering expressions of beauty.

Delving into the depths of her new single, “Insides,” is like venturing through the intricate labyrinths of the human soul post-heartbreak. It captures the rawness of emotions when love turns its back and leaves you with nothing but aching emptiness. Yet, this isn’t just an odyssey of pain; it’s a symphony of resilience.

In a deeply evocative lyrical narrative, the songwriter conveys the tumultuous nature of self-worth, identity, and the human desire for connection. The recurring theme of meeting “at a party” suggests superficiality, yet this superficiality is belied by a visceral need for emotional intimacy—as seen in the line about a kiss. The act of self-blinding emphasizes an internal conflict between wanting to connect and fearing one’s own vulnerability. The refrain concerning “insides” and “outsides” acts as a poignant metaphor for the internal chaos one might hide from the external world. Through this confession, the artist explores the delicate balance between the fear of vulnerability and the universal yearning to belong—somewhere, with someone.

Amidst the haunting echoes of lost love, there’s an infectious rhythm, a beat that compels you to move, to dance, to celebrate the dual nature of life itself. Within our most profound sorrows, lies a desire to reclaim joy. As you navigate the melody, find solace in dance; embrace the juxtaposition of tears and twirls; remember that even in vulnerability, there’s strength waiting to be unleashed. It’s time.

Listen to Insides below:

 In the eclectic realm of modern music festivals, Shxdw stands out not only as an accomplished artist but also as the visionary behind Sick Sad Circus. This avant-garde festival, with its distinctive flair, places a keen emphasis on showcasing the talents of women, individuals of colour, and artists from the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s not merely a musical congregation; the festival elegantly intertwines visual artistry with the whimsical skills of circus performers. In a landscape often criticized for its lack of diversity, Sick Sad Circus emerges as a beacon of inclusivity and artistic brilliance.

“Inside” was produced by Grl @grlkrash, and engineered by Jana Schmidt.

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