Austin Darkwave Project Dragon Rapid Debuts New Single “Adentro” — Plus Watch Video for “Sin Ti”

In a city where the air is invariably charged with eclectic harmonies, Austin’s Dragon Rapid shines as a shimming exemplar of post-punk and darkwave songcraft. Theirs is a manifestation summoned from the sublime subterranean recesses of mind, with a frenetic energy reminiscent of a whirlwind of bats after a disturbance of a long-forgotten memory.

Dragon Rapid’s resonant sound is both profound and distinctive, a cascade of deep pulses imbued with shadowy undertones, each note a testament to their distinctive musical flair. Dragon Rapid’s lyrical prowess oscillates seamlessly between Spanish and English; each word encapsulated with a sense of urgency and revelation akin to the intimacy of a message confined within a bottle.

The voice of lead vocalist Dany Jay emerges like the distant murmurs of a looming storm, an alluring blend of tranquility, depth, and allure; her voice sending soft tremours through the souls of the audience. Daniel Artman-Lopez, in turn, strings the symphonies on his guitar. The echoes of Molchat Doma, Veston Vulture, and Haunt Me linger in their compositions.

In the dim alleyways of the heart, “Sin Ti (Without You)” – out now via Nowosphere Music – stands as a weary Spanish-language tale of love lost and mended. It stumbles through the fickle foxtrot of anguish and mending—a dance that, by some cruel joke, leads one back into the forgiving arms of morning. Love’s fog, thick and misleading, eventually parts, baring the welts and wonders beneath. This isn’t just some dramatic stroll through the minefield of feelings, but a sardonic nod to love’s predictably repetitive beats: the sting of hurt melting, begrudgingly, under the tender sun. “Sin Ti”? Just another scar, but a pretty one at that.

Watch the video for “Sin Ti” below:

Likewise, Adentro (Inside), also sung in Spanish, channels this same melancholic energy. There is more of a Pet Shop Boys resonance to this song, with a gorgeous, Pixies-like ghostly harmony. You can stream the song here.

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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