Gothy Shoegazers Brass Box are premiering with us today their video for “Tragedy”, a surreal reverie that has the sonic texture of crushed velvet imbued with the lingering scent of burnt incense and clove cigarettes circa October of 1993.

On writing the song, the band has stated:

“A tragedy is a symbol of growth. The subconscious burdens carried by past decisions create the assumptions we make. It shapes the risks one is willing or unwilling to take. “

Brass Box is fronted by Ammo Bankoff, who formed the project as a way to channel her obsession the intangible and feeling “lost at sea”. After completing a demo, Bankoff  summoned long lost friend Neil Popkin to join her after a late night encounter at a local bar.

Neil would then enlisted guitarist Matt Bennett (War Tapes) and drummer Pablo Amador (Rituals) to complete the quartet.

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