While some Goths still drink coffee at Denny’s after hours post-club, my experiences in Hollywood always led me to Asian cuisine excursions, often involving a Thai Elvis.

So naturally, maybe it was inevitable that someone with the unique imagination of Second Still’s Suki San has taking such an experience and combined it with a quirky Asian style game show, recruiting Drab Majesty’s Deb Demure, and Chris King from Cold Showers to dine at Yai in Hollywood, while discussing sad beagles piloting a one man aircraft.

Here is some more info on Goths Eating:

Goths Eating was originally created by Suki San, (Second Still), during a particularly bland day working at an ice cream factory. It was written on a napkin in Sharpie and forgotten about until laundry day. She contacted Austin Micciche, a good friend and producer, (Cactus Taxi Productions), who brought in colleague Albert Bradley as Editor.

For San, there could be no other star than Los Angeles native Deb Demure, (Drab Majesty), who she believed matched the aesthetic perfectly. She got his contact through her friend, (and her band’s producer) Chris King, of Cold Showers, and floated the idea. Deb was immediately on board and Chris King agreed to costar.

Location was difficult to find. San went through rejections from dozens of restaurants until finally reaching out to Yai, one of her favorite East Hollywood local spots.

The video was shot in three hours in November and was edited over the course of five months. It was on a budget of less than $200 and the infinite kindness of friends.

Goths Eating is an homage to Asian game shows, Seinfeld, sitcoms, food and the Post punk genre. It will eventually become an eight episode series.

Producer: Austin Micciche

Editor: Albert Bradley, Suki San

Cameramen: Austin Micciche, Allison Littrell

Sound: Gabe Stewart

Sound Fx: Ryan Walker, Suki San

Color: Ashley Ayarza

Starring: Deb Demure (Drab Majesty), Chris King (Cold Showers)

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