Amazing Berlin-based avant-garde trio Gewalt returns with another dynamically wicked single Deutsch, whose post-punk precision hits repeatedly like a hammer, not unlike their forbears Einstursende Neubauten, among others, in this eclectic city that has historically always been a haven for underground art and culture.

Together, the nucleus of Helen Henflings, Patrick Wagners and Jasmin Rilke, fabricate machine beats through that tread the line of music for pleasure and pain through their measured aural “violence”, conjuring pop through the lens of industrial and noise.

The band has been on tour with Jack White, played Shows at Haldern Pop, Fusion, Maifeld Derby, c/o Pop and Synästhesie Festival. Their previous singles have been released via In A Car, Snowhite, Sounds Of Subterrania, Unter Schafen und This Charming Man Records.

Gewalt’s 8th single “Deutsch” bores into the soul like a dystopian dream, shuddering and growling against the public image.

Regarding the band’s ethos, they explain:

“If Gewalt would be a movie character, we would be Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker – we are dissolute and free. And how we would love to shake them up – the bourgeois, TV presenters, Youtubestars, Know-it-alls, the monitors and the monitored, business moguls and their slaves. – Despicable”

Watch the video for “Deutsch”, directed by Gewalt & Johannes Finke below:

Gewalt’s Deutsch is out now via This Charming Man Records, and features the b-side “Nichts in mir ist einer Liebe wert.”

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