German Indie/Post-Punk duo Para Lia presents the video for “Hawk Hill”, a new single included on a 3-track EP available now via Bandcamp.

Para Lia is comprised of René Methner (all instruments and vocals) and Cindy Methner (backing vocals), who take their band name from their love for Greece, with para lia, (παραλ?α) meaning “coast” or “beach” in Greek.

Their music is the confluence of 80’s post-punk with early 90s Alternative Rock, though the lens of DDR’s sonic daydreams.

“Hawk Hill is about my love/hate relationship with the small insignificant town of Falkenberg, where I spent my childhood”, says singer/songwriter/guitarist René Methner.

“In German, ‘Falke’ means hawk and ‘Berg’ means mountain. But in fact Falkenberg has no hawks or mountains. The words ‘Hawk Hill Lane’ popped into my head one day while working on a guitar riff – it was a ‘Penny Lane’ moment, reminding me of the street I walked down every day to go to school. The vocals reflect today’s view on a town with the same fate as many small towns in rural East Germany.“

“After big political changes in early 90’s Germany, many jobs were lost, youth moved out, schools and cultural centres closed, the cash flow stopped and small towns like Falkenberg fell dormant – kind of like a dead end street. You still can smell the fragrance of the past. Both Cindy and I grew up in Falkenberg and even lived on the same street, but we never met back then. We met years later and understood that we’ve walked the same streets and shared the same roots – a great good omen for walking hand in hand into the future.”

Watch the video for “Hawk Hill” below:

The new single release follows the release of Para Lia’s debut album Soap Bubble Dreams, which came out this past March.

“Hawk Hill” is available now on digital platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. The Bandcamp edition also includes two additional tracks: “Over It (single version)” and “On My Way Home” can be ordered Here

*Photos by Christiane Schleifenbaum

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