Don’t want to miss one kiss/Although my head falls back/Stay with you forever/Afterlife

European darkwave duo Caput Medusae delivers a moody, melancholic synthwave gem called “Kiss Me Deadly”. 

The band, comprised of Tina Mar (vox, guitar, bass) and Stefan Scott (vox, keyboards), leave aside their usual Latin terms for this endeavour, and this time the bewitching, deceptively dreamy voice of Tina takes centre stage. The track hints at the restless, depressing moods and elegance of 80s New Wave; you can hear echoes of Modern English and Clan of Xymox as well as the rest of the 4AD catalogue. There is a common thread of boundless romanticism, poignancy and painful introspection permeating the track as it stirs up lashing snare and musical plot twists.

The sneakily seductive (and disturbing) lyrics and the hypnotic atmosphere of the song weave a tale of Romeo and Juliet tragedy with the hopefulness of faith, and the haunting video accompanying it takes us on an unsettling journey through the waning light of a misty forest.

Kiss Me Deadly echoes the shattered dreams of affliction and longing, releasing toxic breath of hopeless obsession, to breed unsettling wishes of death,” says the band.

Caput Medusae‘s limited 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Kiss Me Deadly” is available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp, and is available on streaming platforms (iTunes, Google Music, Amazon.)

A genuinely enshrouding atmosphere. Be careful out there in the woods.

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