Gae Vinci Pays Tribute to Mid-70s Italian Horror in the Video for “Devil’s Night” Featuring Misha Chylkova

The knife that shows the way

In the bloodstained celluloid of cinematic history, the Italian Horror genre of the 60s and 70s, especially Giallo, stands as a testament to a time when storytelling was as much about the sinister ambiance as it was about the narrative. Giallo, with its distinctive blend of mystery, thriller, and horror, wrapped in a visually rich tapestry, set the stage for a cinematic experience that was both enthralling and unnerving. It was this era of Italian cinema that mastered the art of suspense and style, leaving audiences captivated by its vivid colors, intricate plots, and haunting scores.

Drawing inspiration from this influential period, “Devil’s Night” by Gae Vinci emerges as a contemporary ode to the classic Giallo films, intertwining the essence of Italian horror with the pulsating beats of modern music. The track, a kinetic and propulsive wall of sound, evokes the exhilarating rush of a psychedelic ghost train hurtling through a tunnel with witches at the helm, ready for a head-on collision. The buzzing synth sounds and siren-like guitars create a melodic cacophony that is both mesmerizing and formidable, reminiscent of the raw energy of Jesus and Mary Chain and Ravonettes, while also paying homage to the likes of The Black Angels and Trentemøller.

“Devil’s Night” by Gae Vinci, graced with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Misha Chylkova, transcends the boundaries of a mere song. It invites the listener on a compelling voyage through a world shrouded in the mystery of the past colliding with the present.

Like the single’s cover, the animated video for “Devil’s Night” is a clever homage to the lurid, technicolor nightmares of 70s Italian Giallo cinema. Adorned with evocative symbols of dice, playing cards, and dart boards, the intro to the imagined film takes the audience on a macabre journey through the glamorous yet unsettling streets of a place such as Monte Carlo, where every twist and turn becomes a gamble where the stakes are life or death.

While the animation and direction come from the brilliant Adriano Di Mauro, Gae conceived the blood-soaked vision:

“After immense research on colours and imagery of the ’70s, I decided to pursue the idea of mixing a classic Lyric video with the credits of the song itself, thus resulting in sort of an opening title sequence to a movie. And I really loved that idea.”

Watch the video for Devil’s Night Featuring “Misha Chylkova” below:

Gae Vinci, a Sicilian-born music producer now based in Milan, has carved a unique path in the music industry with his refusal to be boxed into any single genre. His musical journey, which began in the mid-2000s under various monikers, has always been characterized by a deep dive into the eclectic realms of sound, from electronic shoegaze to folk. His latest album, “Lonely Ballads,” represents a convergence of his myriad musical experiences, presented under the authenticity of his real identity.

In late 2022, Vinci took a significant step in his career by founding the independent label “BLOOD ON THE TRACKS,” aiming to create a platform for the music he believes in and produces. This label serves as the launching pad for “Devil’s Night,” a track that not only showcases Vinci’s innovative soundscapes but also his ability to create a narrative that resonates with the listener on a profound level.

Misha Chylkova, the ‘Czech Londoner,’ brings a unique blend of cultural influences and vocal prowess to “Devil’s Night.” Her journey from the streets of former Czechoslovakia to London, and finally to Italy, has imbued her music with a richness and depth that is rare. Her collaboration with Vinci on “Devil’s Night” marks the beginning of what promises to be an enthralling musical partnership, with her voice perfectly complementing the track’s dark, evocative themes.

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