Danish Post-Punk Artist Chopper Debuts Video for Dance Pop Anthem “Living for the Night”

In the swirling currents of Copenhagen’s indie music scene, Pink Cotton Candy Records presents “Living for the Night,” the mesmerizing new single and video from the enigmatic Chopper, set against the backdrop of their highly anticipated mini-album, “Shock Pop Vol. II.” Seamlessly weaving the dark allure of Drab Majesty with the hedonistic vibes of Happy Mondays and the synth-laden landscapes of New Order, Chopper’s latest offering stands as a stylish and invigorating addition to the darkwave panorama. For fans who revel in the avant-garde tapestries of Xiu Xiu and the groovy undertones of George Michael, “Living for the Night” emerges as a refreshing homage to the dance-pop era.

At its core, “Living for the Night” is a masterful blend of genres, a track that resonates with the house-inflected beats and piano-driven rhythms and harmonies that previously defined an entire generation, capturing the spirit of late 80s and early 90s dance floors with a contemporary freshness that speaks to today’s underground club scene. The song further surprises and delights with its eclectic mix of jazzy trumpets, a blues-infused harmonica, and an array of field recordings, culminating in the unexpected thrill of a Christmas choir.

Chopper, spearheaded by the visionary Jonatan K. Magnussen (The Love Coffin), delivers a sound that is both a tribute and a reinvention, weaving together the threads of post-punk energy and dance-pop elegance into a vibrant frequency of sound.

Beneath the track’s pulsating rhythms lies a lyrical depth that offers a poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of youth. “It’s the same story every evening, it’s the same story every night,” the song begins, capturing the universal quest for meaning in the hedonistic whirl of nightlife. Yet, as the lyrics unfold, they reveal a deeper introspection: “And nobody seems to wonder, nobody seems to care, about the damage that they’re doing, to anyone else but themselves.” This narrative duality serves as a powerful commentary on the self-absorbed, self-destructive patterns that often accompany youthful exuberance, acknowledging the beauty and brutality intertwined in reckless abandon.

The video for “Living for the Night” is a journey through whimsical, introspective, and unguarded moments that perfectly complement the song’s vibrant energy. From scenes of Chopper’s charismatic presence in the back of a cruising car to intimate moments of solitude in a bathtub, the video is an unapologetic celebration of extravagant style. As Chopper wanders the city streets at night, blowing bubbles and taking drags from a cigarette, what transpires is the essence of living in life the moment, unburdened by the weight of the world.

Jonatan K. Magnussen’s insights into the song provide a deeper understanding of its thematic core:

“The song reflects on the experience of being young, self-absorbed, and somewhat self-destructive, repeatedly engaging in unhealthy patterns with the awareness that it constitutes an unsustainable way of living. I perceive the song as both a tribute to and a condemnation of reckless youth, acknowledging that the beauty of youthful carelessness is intertwined with its potential for brutality and damage.”

Watch the video for “Living for the Night” below:

“Living for the Night” emerges as a bold statement from Chopper, setting the tone for the much-anticipated “Shock Pop Vol. II” and solidifying their stylish niche within the ever-evolving post-punk and dance-pop scenes. The song is a clarion call to the night owls and the dreamers, an invitation to dive headfirst into the nocturnal abyss with a sense of liberation and introspection that’s as exhilarating as it is poignant.

“Shock Pop Vol. II” is out on March 22nd.

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