Lurking somewhere at the crossroads of pop-rock, electro, and new-wave, Dear Deer, an electro duo from the capital of French Flanders, has been churning out bops since 2015.

Influenced by The Kills, New Order, Giorgio Moroder, and the B 52’s, their sound is a glamorous and glittery aesthetic straight out of the eclectic ZE Records vault of the late 1970s-early 80s. The new single, “Plateforme”, is a nervous disco number for the confusion and paranoia of modern times, coated with fuzzy bass and guitars, perfect for the dance floor. It’s catchy as hell, if deeply unsettling and mind-rattling. The song is featured on their third album, Collect & reject.

The video illustrates the exploding anxiety of the track in a darkened movie theatre, bringing to mind the creepy imagery of the classic 1984 commercial introducing the Macintosh.

Watch the video for “Plateforme,” directed by Léonard Barbier-Hourdin, below:

After a self-released demo, the couple released their first album Oh my… in 2016 (Manic Depression/ Swiss Dark Nights). This was followed by Chew-chew (Manic Depression / Swiss Dark Nights) in 2018. For this third album, DEAR DEER wanted to mix dancefloor, disco and Berlin atmospheres, confirming their desire to make people dance while bringing a new serenity to certain tracks. 

Collect and reject is out now via Manic Depression Records and Swiss Dark Nights.

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