Following their debut album, For Your Ears Only, released in 2016, French Coldwave act Tiramist unveil their video for “Dark Stories”, a track featured on their new album Phoenix, which is being released this week via Wave Records.

Tiramist is a collaborative effort between two duos coming from the French coldwave scene. including Catherine & Franck of Opéra Multi Steel, and Liesbeth & Pierre-Yves of the band Hide & Seek, who have released three albums since 2003—a band whose unique style unites heavenly pop, folk, coldwave, and minimalistic songs.

The song is a dreamlike phantasmagoria of cold minimalism and French post-punk resembling the Franco-equivalent of the Silent Orchestra from Lynch’s Mulholland Drive performing to an audience of masked revelers—whose composure is both stoic and silent.

Watch the video for “Dark Stories” below:

Tiramist’s new album Phoenix, composed between 2015 and 2018. It contains 13 songs and it is out via Brazilian label Wave Records. on December 20th.

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